Resurfacing F1 Albert Park Melbourne 2022: After more than 1.5 years of project duration, we were able to successfully conclude our project in Melbourne today with the largest Formula 1 event ever held. Today alone, over 140,000 visitors were on the track.

Many thanks to all who supported us during this time. Special thanks to AGPC, Andrew Westacott, Matthew Walton, Amy Hill and the fantastic site team of iEDM with John Howe, Tom Prest, Michael Gardner, Eds Smart who supported us with all means. Furthermore, thanks to tilke and everyone we forgot.

Finally, a few facts about the Melbourne track resurfacing. Did you know…

– To save resources, only 50 mm of asphalt was remilled in one layer instead of the usual 100-120 mm in two layers? Nevertheless, the unevenness could be limited to a maximum of 3 mm/ 4 m on the entire track.

– We have developed a completely new interpretation of a hybrid racing asphalt that meets the requirements of a public road, recreational sports and also the high grip and texture requirements of a Formula 1 race track? And this without mechanically processing the surface?

– To reduce the CO2 footprint, a not inconsiderable proportion of locally available recycled substitute stone was used in our asphalt?

– The complete track was paved with two pavers instead of three due to geometry optimization? This was a special challenge, especially in the tight turns like T11.