Immpressive scenery on the runway of Innsbruck Airport/ Austria

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Oops, we did it again.... special ensuring and documenting the initial skid resistance of an asphalt surface. This time in incredibly impressive scenery on the runway of Innsbruck Airport/ Austria. The special challenge: the asphalt was not even 24 h old and a certain grip in the medium level was to be produced. Compared to

F1 Istanbul 2020 vs. 2021 — 11 seconds faster per lap

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F1 Istanbul 2020 vs. 2021 — 11 seconds faster per lap It's incredible what results we were able to achieve by improving the grip on the F1 Intercity Park Istanbul. With a very good technology, fantastic team on site and an experienced eye, we were able to help elicit very gently the maximum griplevel

A race track at night always has its special charm

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We are very pleased to be able to support our colleagues at the Red Bull Ring Spielberg in Austria. The task was to increase the grip in neuralgic curves by cleaning the surface before the MotoGP races. However, the very powerful cleaning device had to be adjusted in such a way that no damage was

Building material with many design possibilities

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For many simply asphalt, but for us a building material with many design possibilities. ISO 23671/ ECE R 117 wet grip test lanes, designed with stable permanent coefficients of friction, are among the most demanding modules of a test track in terms of asphalt technology. This is particularly challenging when the customer wants two different

Asphalteinbau mit ca. 20% Querneigung

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Asphalt paving with a cross slope of approx. 20% requires an application-specific asphalt mix design, routine and well-prepared asphalt paving, and close supervision/quality assurance. If all measures are equally effective, something extraordinary is achieved. This was the case with yesterday's paving of the asphalt surface on part of the dry handling course of the TRIWO

Letzter Job für 2020 ist erledigt.

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Letzter Job für 2020 ist erledigt. Mit diesem nass-grauen-Schmuddelwetter Bild aus Deutschland verabschieden wir uns für dieses Jahr. Wir bedanken uns, gerade aufgrund der besonderen Umstände dieses Jahr, bei allen Kunden und Freunden und wünschen Ihnen und Ihren Familien ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr. Bleiben Sie gesund...

21. Bayrischen Abfall- und Deponietage

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After a year 2020 full of restrictions and online presentations we are very happy to be personally present at the event of the 21st Bavarian Waste and Landfill Days (21. Bayrischen Abfall- und Deponietage) in Augsburg as exhibitor and speaker. Although there are restrictions, with consideration, distance and mask, it is possible to have interesting

stairway to heaven

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stairway to heaven stairway to heaven...Yesterday we finished the resurfacing of our own "stairway to heaven". However, not with steps, but with a (tested) perfect evenness of the paving area "Runway" of the Car Test Center Pferdsfeld/ Germany. Due to the air reflection at the summer temperatures and the inclination of the very

Kunst am Bau

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Kunst am Bau Kunst am Bau? Vielleicht für den ein oder anderen Betrachter.Wir aber kontrollieren durch den Einsatz unserer IR Kameras beim Asphalteinbau die gleichmäßige Temperaturverteilung der Fläche hinter dem Fertiger als Voraussetzung einer guten und gleichmäßigen Verdichtung.Architectural art? Maybe for one or the other viewer.By using our IR cameras when paving asphalt,

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