For many simply asphalt, but for us a building material with many design possibilities. ISO 23671/ ECE R 117 wet grip test lanes, designed with stable permanent coefficients of friction, are among the most demanding modules of a test track in terms of asphalt technology. This is particularly challenging when the customer wants two different textures and friction coefficients within the ISO 23671/ ECE R 117 regulations for his two different test lines. This requires several trail constructions and a very tight quality assurance during the asphalt paving. The aim is to achieve very smooth paving, very good compaction and at the same time precise texture depths during paving. Asphalt mix design, mixing plant and paving must be perfectly coordinated. Very well implemented here in teamwork at the new TRIWO test center in Pferdsfeld, Germany.

All relevant work steps were accompanied by our team with specialists for laboratory/asphalt testing, mixing plant, paving and quality assurance.